7:00 AM (IST), January 19, 2019

IIT Bombay

About iHack

iHack is a 30 hour hackathon which takes place at IIT Bombay during E-Summit. We receive applications from all over the country and the best hackers are invited to IIT Bombay to take part in the hackathon.


For the event schedule, visit https://ihack.ecell.in


How does the judging process work?

Blockchain Track:

There are 2 judging groups containing 3 judges each. After submitting the projects on Devfolio before 3 PM, the teams will setup the demo on their tables. Each team will be assigned a judging group and the judges will visit their table.

The team can use up to 5 minutes max to talk about what their hack is. They will have the opportunity to talk about what they build, why they built it, and demo how their project works. The team may talk about their project with a powerpoint presentation but they still have to demo what was built. It is not required to make a slideshow.

The judges will be rating each team on Technicality, Originality, Practicality, Aesthetics, and overall Wow Factor of the project. The judging group will then be picking the best project from the cohort they reviewed, giving a total of 3 top teams.

The top 3 teams will be invited on stage during the closing ceremony where they will again get 5 minutes to present their project on stage to all attendees.

Software Track:

Judging for software track will be done by Wipro.

Hardware Track:

Judging for software track will be done by Infineon.

More frequently asked questions are answered at https://ihack.ecell.in

7:00 AM (IST), January 19, 2019

IIT Bombay